Terrorists in Jenin
Terrorists in JeninReuters

Calls were heard throughout the day on Monday for an extensive military operation in Palestinian Arab cities in northern Samaria, following the operation in Jenin earlier in the day in which Israeli forces were injured during an operation to detain wanted terrorists.

Channel 13 News reported on Monday evening that Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said in closed conversations that there is currently no need for an extensive operation, but Israel will not hesitate to launch one if necessary.

During the Israeli operation to arrest terrorists in Jenin early Monday morning, Israeli troops came upon a bomb planted by terrorists and which defense officials estimate contained more than 20 kilograms of explosives.

Eight Israeli troops were injured by the explosion.

The forces operated for several hours in the area and, only eight hours later, did the last of the troops leave the city.

IDF attack helicopters were deployed to Jenin during the battle, the first time such vehicles have been used in combat in Judea and Samaria since the days of the Second Intifada more than 20 years ago.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the soldiers who were wounded in the operation in Jenin, and who are hospitalized at Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

"We are striking the terrorists with strength and determination. In recent months, we have eliminated and arrested a record number of terrorists, and this was the case during the operation in the Jenin area. Our forces eliminated several terrorists and arrested others. They were fired on from an ambush and acted in an exemplary manner," said Netanyahu.

"I have just visited the wounded, very impressive people. It must be pointed out that they come from all walks of Israeli society, and this must be seen, a Druze soldier, an Ethiopian soldier and one who emigrated from Ukraine decades ago, alongside other soldiers. Simply put, it is moving to see them helping each other, shoulder to shoulder, and how they operated in the field in order to rescue their comrades," he added.

“This is our determination, our strength and our commitment to fight terrorism everywhere. We will continue to do so. When you meet these soldiers, you understand that the people of Israel and the State of Israel may certainly be proud," the Prime Minister said.