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I am going to get lots of backlash from the statement that Instagram doesn’t help stop antisemitism, while it does enable Jew haters to unite and join the fight to spread lies about Israel and the Jewish people.

Antisemitism existed way before Instagram, and it continues to grow despite many activists taking advantage of Instagram’s popularity with an international following.

Antisemitism will be around after the social media trend and Jews will adapt to the communication trend of that time.

Why is Instagram different and so dangerous?

It has been proven that Instagram, as part of Facebook, has in the past censored people and facts they don’t like.

Second, no participant can actually control followers who see their posts and/or follow them. Many are fake accounts or bought followers. Jew haters follow accounts of Jewish “influencers” to follow events, rallies and news. Some react with their own protests and events. Many of those against the Jews receive more attention and support.

Third, and the most important, Instagram has encouraged anyone to be a “leading Jewish activist.” What happened to professionalism? Where is your resume to prove your capability of representing millions of people? It seems as if it’s no longer important to educate oneself before going live on Instagram or reposting someone else’s opinions that may be inaccurate.

The new Jewish "activistsf", who are the influential voice based on Instagram, are attempting to control the narrative based on how they look, how many followers they have and who they hire to promote them, dress them and get them in group pictures with the right people.

Many of these activists have little knowledge of people in power, the history of antisemitism and how to actually make a difference in stopping hate crimes and vicious words. Worse, many claim victimization without specific information.

If you need proof, follow their posts. It is scary to see many of these influencers thanking elected officials when they have no idea about their support of The Squad and the Iran Nuclear Deal, How many of them actually know that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had no less than six controversies that led to her removal as Democratic National Committee Chair and may face further investigations as the Republicans seek for more answers regarding Hunter and Joe Biden? Yet, they thank this Jewish woman as a hero as millions consider her a fraud.

They keep praising Doug Emhoff. He is not an example of Jewish values, Democrat or Republican. He married two women who weren’t Jewish. His children have said publicly that they weren’t Jewish. Judaism isn’t politics, it isn’t trendy, it’s a religion with laws. Intermarriage and assimilation are helping the spread of antisemitism and here is their “poster child.”

Deborah Lipstadt is another one playing up to these influencers. She became famous because of the book Denying The Holocaust and film Denial retelling her experiences of antisemitism. Instead of using her powers to stop hate in education environments, she attacks half the country. She hasn’t produced one piece of legislation to present to her bosses nor has she discussed financial repercussions for institutions advocating antisemitism.

It’s not totally the influencers fault that they stepped up to fight antisemitism. There is no Jewish leadership right now. At a recent rally to end Jewish hatred and support the victim of an antisemitic attack and another against the CUNY school system, less than one hundred people attended.

In an area of millions of Jews, thousands of rabbis and hundreds of organizations emailing routinely requesting donations, that is horrible! Whether Reform or Orthodox, Sephardic or Ashkenazic, Buhkarian or Greek, all rabbis agree that antisemitism is bad and spreading and that every Jewish place of worship, school and kosher establishment needs protection and security.

Worse, the dismal attendance at the rally was reported in mainstream publications like The New York Post. Elected officials read this and realize ignoring antisemitism doesn’t hurt them. Worse, Jewish community groups honor them at breakfasts and dinners for standing up for Jewish causes.

How do these leaders stand up for us? They appear at press conferences and post on social media. They go to Israel on paid trips and love the food, the important historical spots and meeting members of the Knesset.

How can any serious Jewish group looking to fight antisemitism honor the leadership that had the power to take Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Relations committee and instead voted to keep her Israeli hate on that committee? How can anyone be honored for encouraging the reintroduction of the Iran Nuclear Deal when even Iran is hesitating to get involved?

Blacks, Hispanics and other groups unite. Jews don’t unite. At the recent Tony awards, so many winners were Jewish. They promoted more gay pride than Jew pride. Jew haters notice!

Many people reach out to me to be guests on my radio show or speak at events I coordinate. Their reasoning is that they administer Facebook groups and Instagram pages. Ask them to bring people out to an event or raise money and most can’t.

This proves that social media influencers are really nothing more than a source of entertainment rather than actual leaders. Also, they should be transparent about being paid for attending events.

If this article hits a nerve, it should. It should also wake up the Jewish leadership, Jewish celebrities and our Non Jewish Zionist allies that Judeo-Christian values are at stake and a blue box on Instagram is pretty useless.

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