MKs Gottlieb and Elharar, newly elected to the judicial appointments comittee
MKs Gottlieb and Elharar, newly elected to the judicial appointments comitteeYonatan Sindel/Flash90

A right-wing political figure this evening (Thursday) criticized the current state of the coalition in a conversation with Israel National News, citing the lack of choice of the partnership, Netanyahu's reluctance to advance the judicial reform, and Deri's real chances of returning to the government.

At the beginning of his remarks, the source referred to the rift the coalition created in the public and the situation after the secret vote in the committee for the appointment of judges: "This is a horrific defeat. The right lost the possibility of obtaining a majority in the committee and, in addition, the economic price we pay for this is unimaginable. Investments from abroad are being stopped and the dollar is getting stronger against the shekel. This is all without speaking about the social price we pay as a society, about the huge rift, polarization and division that the government created and now it will be so difficult to fix," the source told Israel National News.

"The problem is that Smotrich and Ben-Gvir will not overthrow the government in any case, they have no other choice. Bibi is somehow trying to get Deri back at the government table, it is important to him, but the issue will go to the Supreme Court and they, in turn, will stop it," the official claimed.

In conclusion, the official referred to the way in which Levin and the members of the coalition acted and claimed: "They do not understand the overall implications - this genie is already out of the bottle. They have no choice and they will have to reach agreements with both the opposition and Supreme Court President Esther Hayut, or nothing will go their way in this term. Justice Minister Levin will soon have to go to negotiations with the President of the Supreme Court on any legislative amendments, and pass them only with the joint agreement of the executive authority with the judicial authority. It is possible that such negotiations take place under the table already."