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The Cannes red carpet is the glittering proscenium chosen for protests against femicide and patriarchy. When an actress presented herself veiled, feminists applauded in the name of "inclusion" and the politically correct banality. When the Iranian actress Zahra Amir Ebrahimi then took the floor to say that “women are oppressed in Afghanistan, Iran, Mali and … in the Parisian banlieues”, the awakened sequined conformist of transgression was thrilled. Did he understand what this Iranian woman had just told them?

Now, while in Iran the mullahs confiscate the cars of women who leave the house without a veil, in Europe, which has become an Allah-La-Land, the abaya, the Muslim tunic that covers the whole body, leaving only the face, unlike the Afghan burqa, is the rage. Typical of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the abaya is now rampant in French high schools, where Michel Onfray this week evokes a "low-intensity civil war".

Le Parisien reveals that Islamic dress is increasingly present in public schools. In a high school in Lyon, a girl says: "Out of 30 girls, 16-18 wear the abaya." Besides, isn't Lyon already 30 percent Islamic?

Le Parisien informs readers that in Marseille schools are the scene of attacks in favor of the abaya, defended by left-wing professors.

Coptic Jean Messiha commented: “Halal is spreading. The abaya overwhelms our schools. Burkini our beaches and pools. Clandestine prayers our universities. Apart from that, the Great Replacement and Islamization are still far-right fantasies”.

Someone else replied: "Marseille, c'est la ville des abbayes, pas des abayas". City of abbeys, not of abayas? Not anymore. Marseille - the second largest city in the country - is today a city where well over 50 percent of the population is African, it is already 30 percent Muslim, the most popular name among those born is Mohammed and synagogues have been transformed into mosques.

“Islamic clothes are proliferating in French schools like an epidemic” writes L'Opinion. The rectorate of Paris has denounced a "significant increase in the use of religious clothes". Boys in kamis arrive in front of the Aisne schools. In the Oise, there is a boom of veils in front of schools. The regions of Clermont-Ferrand and Bordeaux are also affected.

And what does the left do? It takes up the defense of the abaya.

“We are trying to invent a new polemic to attack Muslims,” says left-wing party France Insoumise deputy Manuel Bompard. Here is the progressive mantra: the real victim is the Muslims. Jean-Luc Mélenchon's number two speaks of "a disproportionate media echo". “Le Parisien makes the front page on Muslim women's dress as multiple crises rock the country,” says MP Mathilde Panot, president of Mélenchon's parliamentary group.

Charlie Hebdo called her "Gauche (left, ed.) Allahu Akbar". Of course it takes a lot to go from caviar to abaya.

Macron's Deputy Solidarity Minister Marlène Shiappa, who appeared in the latest issue of Playboy, had decided to move to the city of Trappes to show attention to cities with a high rate of immigration. He wanted to stop in a bar run by Muslims, "where women are not welcome". The prefect invited the minister to continue on his way "to avoid an accident". Schiappa thought he was still in France and not in a 70 percent Islamic city, where submission to Islam is a fait accompli.

Didier Lemaire, the Trappes philosophy professor who, for having denounced the Islamization of his city and having expressed solidarity with Samuel Paty, received death threats, ended up under guard and left teaching, reveals: "Year after year, I see mothers more and more veiled. Before we were dealing with short and colorful veils, now it is a dark dress that hides the whole body and women who refuse to shake hands, it iis a new phenomenon. I began to observe strange behavior after 2015. The girls I saw in class dressed French - skinny jeans, makeup - had become veiled and wore gloves when I saw them in the market. Today we are no longer in France."

But votes count.

The Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, one of the leading Parisian intellectuals, says: "The left has taken over the aspirations, aversions and obsessions of this 'new France'. La France insoumise is, in the era of generalized mystification of vocabulary, the name given to France subject to Islamism". By faith? No, for clientelism. “It relies on demographic change to gain power.”

“There was a time when Jean-Luc Mélenchon criticized militant religious clothing, wherever it came from,” writes Le Figaro today. “The 2019 ‘March Against Islamophobia’ in which he participated is seen as a turning point.” Anthropologist Florence Bergeaud-Blacker, under guard for death threats, goes so far as to believe that there is "a tacit pact between the left and Islam, which has gotten the Muslim vote by playing on the fear of Islamophobia".

Paul Melun wrote in the Journal du dimanche on Sunday: “The universities filled up and the factories emptied. This change has been accompanied by a second phenomenon: globalization. In the face of these two great changes, the left has been transformed. It abandoned a proletariat that had become a minority and embraced globalization in the name of opening up to others. The contemporary left has theorized the end of borders as a sign of openness and massive immigration as an insurmountable horizon of Europe. It is working now to seduce new constituents: immigrant populations in the suburbs, compliant with political Islam. Thus the ideal of the left sinks into cynicism and electoral calculation”.

In Marseille, the pro-abaya left won 30 percent in the last presidential elections, while in some districts of Lyon up to 50 percent. In Scotland, the pro-independence left has just entrusted the Muslim Humza Yousaf as prime minister. In Norway, where it governs the Labor Party, Muslims and minorities have become a major force in Parliament. In Brussels half of the electorate of the left is Muslim. When the AfD's right-wing German parliamentary group called for the introduction of an “International Day against the Persecution of Christians,” the focus on the persecution of Christians by Islamists met with criticism from the SPD, which condemned the “ anti-Islamic tendencies” of this motion.

Similarly, Green Annalena Baerbock, German Foreign Minister, dismissed the veil in Iran thus: “With all due respect to cultural and religious differences, when the police beat a woman to death, that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with religion".

When it comes to Islam, rest assured that the left instinctively knows which side to take.

Not like Bart Drenth, who has just resigned after just six months as director of "Tefaf", the most important art and antiques fair in the world in Maastricht, Holland. Drenth's resignation comes days after the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf published an article chronicling his posts critical of Islam.

“Just as with the Iranian revolution, leftist do-gooders stand hand in hand with the jihadists, not knowing that after the success of the revolution they will die first.” Another: "Really, your L+ rights are best protected if you wave Palestinian flags during the Pride parade." Finally: "Let's normalize criticism of the Koran and the Prophet."

Hadn't they warned him not to tell the truth?