The protest banner at the Takana Forum
The protest banner at the Takana ForumJustice for Amiram

'Justice for Amiram' activists held a demonstration in front of the Takana Forum social justice conference in which attorney Raz Nezri was expected to attend, who they claim "authorized the use of torture against Amiram in the Duma case".

Avraham Feldman, one of the activists, said: "He met the boys after they had gone through the torture and despite their broken bodies and souls, he reported to the people of Israel that everything was fine. After that, he spilled their blood and slandered them and said that they had the blood of Arabs and Jews on their hands, which turned out to be false."

He called out to Advocate Nazri: "You have committed a crime against the boys and against the people of Israel. You can still make amends and bring the truth out. The people of Israel are waiting for that."

The Justice for Amiram movement calls for the release of Amiram Ben-Uliel, who has been imprisoned for several years after being convicted in the Duma arson case.