Moses Vs. Korach
Moses Vs.

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

How is it possible to prevent controversy? Korach -- whose name is also the title of this week's Torah portion -- has become a synonym for controversy. Korach rebels against the leadership of Moshe and Aharon and aspires to lead the nation instead of them. What came over him? And do we also, at times, harbor such ambition?

*Rabbi Elimelch Biederman* explains that we are talking about a common mistake of people up until today. Korach, after all, had a distinguished position in the MIshkan service. But instead of focusing on his important assignment, he was jealous of others and desired to replace them.

In the words of Rabbi Biederman: *"If Korach only knew that an ordinary person who fulfills his mission in the world is no less important in the eyes of the Creator of the universe than Aharon, the High Priest, in the Holy of Holies, he would not have rebelled."*

Korach thought that aspiring to greatness meant usurping authority. But the message of the parasha is that not everyone needs to be number one, but rather that each individual should strive to excel in the task for which he has been chosen -- the special mission that he alone is meant to fulfill.

Therefore the parasha implores us "not to be like Korach and his company." We are not supposed to be someone else, but rather the best version of ourselves.