Gadi Eisenkot
Gadi EisenkotTomer Neuberg/Flash90

Former IDF Chief of Staff MK Gadi Eisenkot revealed at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) on Sunday that in 2015 Israel was asked to strike ISIS, "We struck, and we managed to hit a lot of ISIS men."

"The fight against ISIS was intense and in more than just one country, with results that in some places go beyond the imagination in the types of missions and attacks that were conducted. Some of the missions went under the radar. The military handled this fight - the Intelligence Directorate, the Air Force, special units, the Internation Cooperation Division," Eisenkot explained.

"The phenomenon of ISIS took a turn for us in 2015, during which there was an incident in a certain place when we were asked to conduct an attack, we conducted a very widespread attack and struck many ISIS men," he revealed.

The General explained that "there aren't many countries in the world that know how to locate targets the size of a podium and to put a missile through a target in the 1000 kilometer radius of Israel. Our enemy saw it, the Russians saw it, the Americans saw it. The ones who know best how much the IDF works in the Middle East are the ISIS men since they paid the price of hundreds dead and wounded, and they knew."