Minister of Jerusalem Meir Porush participated in the Arutz Sheva Jerusalem Conference in NYC on Sunday and commented on the harassment that was directed at MK Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionist Party).

"I saw the demonstrators from afar. Demonstrations are democratic. I express my sorrow for what they did to Simcha Rothman, one of the most effective and prominent MKs in this Knesset. It's a shame that they don't know how to draw borders. But demonstrations are a democratic thing," said Porush.

On the serious attack on the border with Egypt, Porush said, "I would like to express my sorrow and condolences for the horrific event that happened on Saturday at the border with Egypt, where three soldiers were killed, and we hope, God forbid, that a new scene does not develop, although we are reassured that everything is fine."

Porush was asked how he views the outward appearance of the government and the attacks against the haredi parties.

"I want to say this, before I talk about the concern. I can't understand when people call for demonstrations, why do they highlight the issue of the religious? Because of what? The religious don't have equal rights? This government, a year and a half ago, transferred 54 billion shekels to the Palestinians, to the Arabs, who not only don't serve [in the army], there are those among their leadership who call not to serve.”

“They feel that by talking against the haredim, they will gain votes. But Lapid came out against many things that Netanyahu did, and in the end adopted them, like the Norwegian Laws, which he called a waste [of government funding]. When he was in power, he didn’t do anything about that law. Lapid and his people were also ready to give us a lot of money for our education, when he wanted us not to vote against the budget," stated Porush.

"I really hope that now that we have passed the budget, this government will have at least a year and a half without discussions and skirmishes around the budget, and it will get on the high road," he concluded.