Eyal Golan
Eyal GolanNir Amitai

During a concert on Saturday night in Tel Aviv, famous Israeli singer Eyal Golan spoke about the terrorist attack at the Egyptian border earlier that day, which left three IDF soldiers dead.

"Life in Israel isn't easy, and there is always a mixture of joy and sadness," Golan told the large crowd in Bloomfield stadium. "Not that I had a doubt that I would perform today, but early this morning at the southern border, they killed three soldiers in a murderous attack," he added.

"From here, I send a hug to the families. From here, I wish to support the soldiers of the IDF and the security forces who right now are working so we can keep playing, singing, and enjoying the music," he said.

Golan concluded with a message of unity: "Especially on days like these, I think that the most important thing is our togetherness. That is our strength.