PLO flag

The head of the IDF's co-ed Lavi Habika'a infantry battalion Lt. Col. Ariel Barabi, sentenced two soldiers to an extensive prison stay for burning a PLO flag and filming the act.

One corporal was filmed burning the PLO flag at her outpost and was sentenced to 15 days of detention. An additional soldier, a sergeant, was tried for filming her friend in the act and posting the video on social media. She was sentenced to 14 days of detention.

The Torat Lehima advocacy group claims the punishment is excessive: "It appears that the flag of terror is sentimental not only to Tel Aviv University or the anti-government protests. The IDF disciplinary system (the military prosecutor) follows suit and cracks down in a bizarre manner - at the expense of its soldiers. We call on Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi to annul the disproportional punishment."

The IDF Spokesperson stated: "Two IDF combat soldiers were involved in the burning of a flag at a military base last week. When their commanders were informed of the incident, the soldiers were tried and punished. This behavior is inconsistent with the IDF code of ethics.