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The city of Novi, Michigan was targeted with antisemitic flyers spreading hatred and conspiracy theories earlier in the month, the Detroit Jewish News reported.

The flyers were thrown from a passing car and found on driveways in a neighborhood on May 21 in Novi, according to local law enforcement.

The flyers claimed that Jews in executive positions at Disney Corporation were “grooming children for pedophilia, that the ADL was formed to protect Jewish pedophiles and therefore is not qualified to monitor online hate speech, and that Jewish people have a large role in promoting the LGBTQ movement,” according to the report.

The flyers were similar to other hate literature distributed by far-right hate group Goyim Defense League across the United States in recent years.

Novi Police Commander Jason Meier said that the flyers were thrown from a car overnight onto random residential driveways. He added that it did not appear that Jewish homes were specifically targeted.

Police have opened an investigation. They have not yet identified the individual or the car.

Meier added that the flyers were printed from the Goyim Defense League (GDL) website.

According to a local resident, the flyers were placed in Ziploc bags weighed down with corn, similar to the manner in which past GDL flyers had been distributed in residential areas.

“In 2022, this organization [GDL] was reported to have committed over 450 incidents, and these flyers have appeared in 42 states,” ADL Michigan Regional Director Carolyn Normandin told the news outlet. “This group’s main cause is to bring hatred upon Jews. They are vile propagandists and their campaigns target Jews from everything from the COVID pandemic to pedophilia. They exist for one reason: to spread lies and myths about Jews."

“The most important thing people can do when they encounter this propaganda is to first call the police and then contact the ADL,” Normandin added.