A mother denounced the lack of action taken by her daughter’s school north of Montreal, Quebec after it did not immediately react to students filmed making Hitler salutes and playing a Nazi march inside a classroom, CTV News reported.

The video of the students’ hateful act circulated on TikTok showing five seventh grade students at École secondaire des Chutes in Rawdon, Quebec standing on chairs giving the Nazi salute. The song “Erika” was being played on YouTube. It is a marching song that the German military, the Wehrmacht, used during the Nazi era.

The students also placed their fingers on their faces below their nose to imitate a Hitler mustache.

They were surrounded by other students watching the incident.

"I didn't believe what I was seeing at first because it is shocking to see something like that," the mother of the student who recorded the incident told CTV. "It was more shocking to think that the teacher was just walking around in the video, not addressing it in any way, shape or form."

The 10-second long clip appears to show a teacher at the front of the room not reacting to the students as they make the Hitler salutes.

The video has since been deleted from TikTok.

The student told the news outlet that the teacher had taken a leave for “medical reasons [and] it was a substitute teacher who was in charge of the class on the day of the incident,” according to the report.

"She still has a duty to keep the class under control and she failed," the mother recounted. "This was a very specific, hateful display and she did nothing so that, to me, was very shocking."

Her daughter described that the students played the song for shock value.

"The teacher didn't really do anything to stop it," the student said. She added that the behavior has also occurred outside the classroom.

"Most of the boys do the Nazi salutes and sing the Erika song. And since there are two pianos in the school, some kids even play the tune on the piano," she said.

The school told CTV in a statement that it condemned the incident seen in the video.

"As soon as the administration was informed last week, the necessary measures were quickly taken with the students and the substitute teacher. Awareness has already been raised with the group in order to make them understand the content of the gesture and its meaning," the statement said.