Professor Alan Dershowitz
Professor Alan DershowitzGideon Markowicz/Flash90

Professor Alan Dershowitz has announced that he will be representing Rabbi Leo Dee, whose daughters and wife were killed in a shooting attack in the Jordan valley, at no charge in a lawsuit against CNN.

In an interview with I24NEWS, Professor Dershowitz denounced the apology given by CNN anchor Christine Amanpour after she stated during a broadcast that Lucy Dee and her daughters Rina and Maia had been killed in "a shootout".

"This was not a slip of the tongue," Professor Dershowitz claimed. "It comes as a part of a pattern that CNN and Amanpour have created over more than a decade."

"Amanpour constantly creates a false equivalence between terrorists who murder people in cold blood and the innocent victims, like the victims in this case," says Professor Dershowitz. "An organization called Camera, which documents these things, has documented a long pattern by CNN and by Amanpour of constantly siding against Israel and trying to create a moral equivalence between innocent victims of terrorism and actual terrorists."

"Let's see what Amanpour has to say - not in a scripted apology, but under my cross-examination and that of other lawyers," Professor Dershowitz challenged.