An Arab worker was recorded today (Monday) cutting the security fence in Beitar Illit in the section that separates the city from the fields of the Arab residents of the nearby villages.

One of the residents who lives near the fence documented the incident and called the police. An IDF reconnaissance force was immediately dispatched to the spot.

A car from the security company was rushed to the scene, then was found that a municipal worker was repairing the fence rather than trying to breach it.

"This is a municipal employee who acted on behalf of the security department to deal with a security breach that existed in the fence. We thank the resident for his vigilance and ask the residents to continue to keep an eye out, and to report any unusual incident," the municipality told Kol Hai Radio.

The resident who reported the incident was dissatisfied with the municipality's response. "The security man explained to me that he is an employee of the municipality," the resident told Kol Hai. "I told the security man that the laborer was cutting the fence alone with a cutter, and he started talking to the laborer. I heard that he was angry with him for cutting the fence like that alone and without supervision."