Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Azman and member of the British Parliament Lord Stuart Polak visited the Iranian reporter and human rights activist Vahid Beheshti in the hospital.

Beheshti has been hospitalized for 13 days, following a 72-day hunger strike at the British Foreign Office, due to his demand to add the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran (IRGC) to the list of terrorist organizations.

Beheshti's protest garnered great solidarity among the public and was supported by more than 120 British members of parliament, who signed the petition supporting his demand. In a recent rally they expressed their support for Beheshti, and emphasized the great unity in the Western world today against the Iranian regime.

Lord Polak and Rabbi Azman expressed support for his fight, which calls on the British government to recognize Iran as a true sponsor of terrorism, since Iran provides missile technology and drones used to harm innocent citizens in Ukraine. Iran and Britain currently have full diplomatic relations.

The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine inquired into Beheshti's wellbeing and encouraged him in his war against the axis of evil.

"As a religious leader, it pains me to see a person take such extreme measures to fight for justice," said Rabbi Azman. "Mr. Beheshti's situation is a central reminder of the ongoing struggles that many people face in the search for peace and security. His fight against violence and terrorism is brave and commendable."

Rabbi Azman called on the British government to heed Beheshti's request, saying, "This situation requires attentiveness and engagement. We must remember that peace can only be achieved through understanding, respect and justice."

The Chief Rabbi also emphasized the importance of global unity in the face of terrorism: "Mr. Beheshti’s struggle is not his alone. He is a reminder of the global struggle against violence and terrorism. The time has come for us, as a global community, to stand united against any form of violence and strive for peace."

Following their meeting, Mr. Beheshti tweeted to his followers about it, saying, “We had a lot to talk about, and we share a common enemy. Looking forward to continuing our work together to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization.”

Rabbi Moshe Azman with Vahid Beheshti and Lord Stuart Polak
Rabbi Moshe Azman with Vahid Beheshti and Lord Stuart Polakהרבנות הראשית לאוקראינה