The Beyadenu march
The Beyadenu marchBeyadenu

Some 100 activists and supporters marched on Thursday afternoon through the streets of Jerusalem's old city to the entrance to the Temple Mount to celebrate Jerusalem Day, the liberation of the old city and the Temple Mount.

As they marched, the marchers sang, danced, and waved Israeli flags and signs saying "Beyadenu (in our hands) - for the Temple Mount" and "The Temple Mount, the heart of Zionism."

Tom Nisani, the CEO of Beyadenu, an organization that advocates for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, stated: "Again, it was proven that nothing stands behind the police's nightmare scenarios and draconian restraining order policy other than lies. Marching through the old city with Israeli flags is not a provocation, to celebrate the liberation of the Temple Mount with MKs is something that should be obvious."

He added that "in France, no one talks about nightmare scenarios as a result of an event at the Eiffel Tower, and no one wants to remove activists from the Champs-Élysées. We will continue to work to strengthen the awareness of sovereignty on the Mount among the Israeli public, and we will show the courts and police that we will not agree to accept a draconian and illegitimate restraining order policy."

Home Front Command Commander Maj. Gen. Rafi Milo issued a restraining order from the old city against Nisani. According to the order, Nisani is not allowed to enter the Temple Mount or the old city until June 16th, 2023.

In the order, the commander repeated the claim that "the move is needed to ensure state security and public order" and that Nisani's presence in the old city and the Temple Mount would be a security danger.