Violence (illustrative)
Violence (illustrative)iStock

A new poll conducted by Panels Politics for Maariv showed that over half of Israelis fear violence in public spaces.

A full 60% of Israelis said they are "very, very" worried about being harmed in violent incidents, or being threatened with violence, in public spaces in Israel.

The data also showed that 36% of respondents are "only a little" worried about being harmed in violent incidents or threatened with violence in public spaces; another 4% did not have an opinion.

Analysis of the data showed that Arab respondents comprise the majority of those who fear being harmed by violence (72%), compared to 57% of the Jewish respondents. The analysis also showed that fear of violence is not influenced by political stance or who respondents voted for in the last election cycle.

However, the analysis did show which groups are more concerned than others: women (65%), secular and traditional Israelis (64%), and those living in the Tel Aviv region (72%).

In comparison, 54% of men fear violence, along with 38% of haredim and 35% of those who live in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.