Unauthorized remote hacking
Unauthorized remote hackingiStock

Central District police have conducted an undercover investigation during the past few months, upon receiving a complaint from HBO regarding a suspected hacking into a satellite company's servers, while copying and distributing on pirate sites the last and confidential episode of the flagship series House of the Dragon, which is the continuation of Game of Thrones.

The episode was distributed online two days before the world premiere. Police investigators used advanced technological measures, along with collecting and analyzing findings on social networks, including analyzing the name of the file and the anonymous user, which included the name "Bird" (which later turned out to be the name of the suspect's cat).

Today (Monday) the investigation moved forward with the arrest of the suspect - a resident of Givatayim in his thirties - and his transfer to the unit's offices for investigation. A search of his home led to the seizure of digital storage devices, computers, and more that may be relevant to the investigation.

At the end of his investigation, the suspect was released under restrictive conditions and all the findings will be forwarded at the end for consideration and the decision of the prosecutor's office.