Rocket launch in Gaza Strip
Rocket launch in Gaza StripREUTERS

Less than 24 hours after a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization went into effect, officially ended Operation Shield and Arrow, Red Alert sirens were heard Sunday in the southern industrial zone of Ashkelon and in Kibbutz Zikim.

Sirens were also reported in Gaza frontier towns.

According to an IDF spokesperson, one rocket launch was detected in the Gaza Strip. The rocket landed in an open field, and there are no reports of injuries or damage.

An official from the Joint Room of the Palestinian Resistance Factions - the unified front of Gaza terrorist groups which claimed responsibility for the recent rocket attacks - said Sunday's launch was accidental, telling Al Jazeera that the organization remains committed to the ceasefire with Israel.

"The rocket fired at Israel was the result of a technical malfunction. We are still committed to the ceasefire."

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared victory following the five-day conflict with Islamic Jihad, calling Operation Shield and Arrow "perfect."

“Last night, we successfully concluded five days of fighting against the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization. Before starting the operation, the directive I gave, together with the Defense Minister, to the IDF and ISA amounted to two words: 'Initiative' and 'surprise'.”

“I congratulated the IDF Chief-of-Staff and the Director of the ISA yesterday also with two words: 'Well done.' Indeed, the operation was perfect. With complete surprise and continuous initiative, we targeted the entire Islamic Jihad leadership in Gaza. We destroyed 17 Jihad command centers. We eliminated dozens of terrorists. We hit rocket and missile arsenals, took out anti-tank units, etc.”