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IDF soldiers, ArchiveIDF Spokesperson

Shoshana Dagani, from Itamar, has been identified as the IDF soldier who was injured in the Arab city of Tubas Tuesday night by shrapnel that penetrated her brain at a spot that her helmet did not cover.

Shoshana is hospitalized in intensive care at Shiba Tel Hashomer Hospital in severe yet stable condition. She serves in the mixed-gender Arayot Hayarden Battalion.

Eliyah, Shoshana's brother-in-law, told Channel 12: "The commander told us that during the operation, they shot a heavy barrage at her. Shoshana covered one of the soldiers, and she was hit, she just covered her team, it's crazy."

Her sister, Yehudit, added and spoke about Shoshana's situation: "She's fully awake. Right now, the doctors' concerns are that shrapnel penetrated her brain and left dust. She needs a lot of prayers. She will undergo surgery to remove the shrapnel."