Yoav Ben-Tzur
Yoav Ben-TzurHezki Baruch

Labor Minister Yoav Ben-Tzur (Shas) praised Operation Shield and Arrow as "crushing" Islamic Jihad's chain of command.

In his opinion, Israel's strikes on the homes of senior terrorists also hurts the morale of the top terrorists.

Speaking to Kol Hai Radio, Ben-Tzur said, "The Israeli government began a precise, surgical military operation which hits the top officials in the Islamic Jihad terror group and crushes the group's chain of command."

"The State of Israel's message in blowing up the officials' homes is not just one of harm to property, it hurts the morale of the officials who understand the quantity and quality of the intelligence that we have on them, that it is precise and at any given time - what they are doing, and where they are hiding."

"We have changed the security equation with Islamic Jihad, which is not managing to fire the number of missiles it fired during previous rounds," Ben-Tzur emphasized. "The law for Sderot is the same as the law for Tel Aviv. This operation began because of fire on Sderot and the Gaza area towns, even before there was [rocket] fire on central Israel."

Regarding his own ministry, Ben-Tzur said, "I worked to ensure that beginning this coming school year, tuition for haredi girls' high schools will be equivalent to that of colleges, and parents will need to pay less than 50% of what they are paying today. This is great news for the parents."