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Magen David Adom (MDA) Director General Eli Bin has announced that all ambulance drivers and MICUs have been instructed to prevent the use of the siren that sounds like the Red Alert Siren. Going forward, they will use a different sounding siren.

During both routine uses and emergencies, ambulance sirens that assist the medical teams in saving lives can cause panic among the general public due to the siren that sounds like the Red Alert sirens across Israel, MDA noted.

In order to prevent unnecessary concern, Bin on Wednesday morning instructed all teams on MDA’s ambulances and MICUs to avoid use of the sound that resembles the Red Alert siren. This will still allow MDA teams in the MICUs and ambulances to use other means available to them.

“It is important in these times to show maximum sensitivity to the feelings of the Israeli public," Bin said. "In order to prevent unnecessary panic, I have this morning instructed Magen David Adom’s teams to use the ambulance sirens sensibly, and use other means that are available to them. This will assist the public to clearly differentiate between the Red Alert siren that means they must seek shelter, and the ambulance siren."

Bin added that "MDA teams are spread in additional numbers in order to provide a complete and professional medical response for the Israeli people. We will continue to act in any way that will assist the general public, as well as maintain routine as much as possible.”