Djerba's Jewish quarter
Djerba's Jewish quarterHezki Baruch

Three people were murdered Tuesday night in a shooting attack near the El Ghriba Synagogue on the island of Djerba, Tunisia.

The two Jewish victims have been identified as cousins Aviel and Ben Hadad, one of whom was an Israeli citizen who resided in Tunisia, the other being a French national. The third victim was a security guard.

The terrorist opened fire during a gathering commemorating Lag BaOmer, attended by hundreds of local Jews and Israelis.

According to a report by AP , the terrorist was killed by security personnel who sought to prevent him from entering the synagogue. It was also reported that ten people were wounded in the attack. Following the shooting, hundreds of worshippers who were inside the synagogue were locked inside the building. Only a few hours later, security forces began evacuating the worshippers from the premises.

Israeli singer Yossi Barda, who performed at the synagogue just moments before the attack, recounted the moments of terror in an interview with Radio 103FM.

"I can say that the security guards, the police, and the Tunisian soldiers treated all the Israelis who came in a dignified manner. I have no words to describe it."

"I finished my performance and after 20 minutes, when I left, I realized something had happened. Gunfire started, I heard shots. According to eyewitnesses, Tunisian soldiers and police officers shielded the Jews with their bodies. It seems they didn't manage to stop the shooter or shooters; we don't know how many people were shooting, maybe one or two. This tragedy occurred, and two Jews were killed, along with several soldiers and police officers who were injured."

"The synagogue is a very, very ancient place of worship. There are many Cohanim there. There are stones from the First Temple brought to the site to build a synagogue for the local Jews. Every year, the Hilula of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai takes place there. This time, 15,000 Jews came for the pilgrimage. It's an ancient tradition."