IDF soldiersin the field
IDF soldiersin the fieldIDF spokesperson

A Jewish woman who appeared to be attempting to commit suicide was shot dead after she dressed as a terrorist and appeared to attack a security force on Mount Hebron Tuesday evening.

The young woman dressed in black clothes and arrived on foot from the Yatir settlement towards the security guards at the Metzadot Yehuda checkpoint on Mount Hebron.

At one point, she pulled out an airsoft gun and started running while shouting "Allahu Akbar" at the security guards and then was neutralized by them.

Before the incident, the young woman consulted with a friend about her intentions. The friend reported their conversation to an emergency hotline and passed her details to the police about an hour before the incident. The news did not reach the checkpoint in time and the security guards believed that they were neutralizing a terrorist.

The incident occurred as security forces are on heightened alert following the assassination of three leaders of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization last night and the launching of Operation Shield and Arrow, prompting fears of reprisals from terror groups.