Israel’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Amir Hayek, told i24NEWS on Monday that he believes more countries will join the Abraham Accords.

He also said that he believed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Abu Dhabi soon, and that relations between the Jewish and Gulf states were “like a car driving fast forward with no reverse gear.”

“Prime Minister Netanyahu will come to Abu Dhabi, and I believe a day or two before you’ll hear about it,” Hayek told i24NEWS.

“We have great relations with the Emiratis. We are moving forward, it’s like a startup that will become a unicorn. In all aspects of relations, everything is in place,” added the Ambassador.

In response to how the recent rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran influenced regional ties with Israel, Hayek was certain it wouldn’t stop more countries from joining the Abraham Accords.

“The Saudis and Emiratis are sovereign countries. We can convey our message, and they know exactly what we think about Iran and its plans. We hoped Iran would concentrate on investing time and money into education or health, rather than terror in the region. And I believe our friends here understand exactly what we’re saying” he said.

“I think we will see more countries join the Abraham Accords or expand agreements with Israel. The main issue is to be very successful so other countries ask themselves, ‘Why not us?’ This is our job here, all the rest will follow. When the time will come, we’ll be ready,” added the Ambasasdor.

The UAE was one of four Arab nations to normalize relations with Israel in the Abraham Accords, which were brokered by the US in 2020.

Two years after the signing of the accords, there have been a multitude of bilateral agreements in all areas between Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi: Trade, tourism, technology, innovation, and possibly most important of all – a mingling of cultures, highlighted by celebrations in the Gulf state last week marking Israel’s independence.

“We had a great event here in Abu Dhabi. For the first time, we celebrated Israeli Independence Day. We had 650 guests gathered together, singing and celebrating. To stand there and hear the Israeli and Emirati anthems, by Emirati and Israeli singers, was a really exciting moment, them singing, ‘You and I will change the world.’ I heard many Emiratis around me, and it touched their hearts,” recalled Hayek.

“We are here to change the world, change the Middle East, to build a better world for the next generations. Together, with our Emirati partners. Relations are high. It’s like a car driving fast forward with no reverse gear,” the Ambassador concluded.

Recent reports indicated that Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, along with Foreign Ministry officials, are expending great efforts to bring about accords with additional countries, including Niger. Other countries mentioned in the report were Mauritania, Somalia and Indonesia.

Later, US and Israeli officials said that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, during his recent visit to Niger, urged the country's president to move toward normalizing relations with Israel.