Coronation celebration at Ambassador's residence
Coronation celebration at Ambassador's residenceBen Kelmer

On Sunday night, a festive event was held at the British Ambassador's residence in Israel to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

During the event, the British Ambassador to Israel, Neil Wigan, shared a special message from the King, expressing his gratitude to those around the world who joined in the celebration of his coronation. "As my wife and I mark this very special moment, we want to thank all of you in the Commonwealth and throughout the world, for your good wishes.

"We have been hugely inspired by the community spirit on display at Coronation celebrations such as this, and are deeply touched by the many similar events taking place across the globe".

Approximately 800 guests were in attendance, including government and military officials, ambassadors, and prominent figures from the business, culture and science fields. The British Ambassador addressed the audience in Hebrew, emphasising the strong historical ties between King Charles III and Israel.

"The King has visited Israel three times, including his most recent visit in 2020 to commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz camp", he said.

"Furthermore, the King's grandmother, a Righteous Among the Nations, is buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem".

The Ambassador expressed hope for the King to visit Israel again soon, emphasising the strong bilateral relations between the two countries, including cooperation in the areas of security, trade, technology, and science. The two countries are currently negotiating towards a new innovative and ambitious free trade agreement to further promote these relations.

The Ambassador also noted the significance of the oil used to anoint the King during his official coronation at Westminster Abbey, which was consecrated from olives picked from the Mount of Olives.

Minister of Intelligence Gila Gamaliel, representing the Israeli government, expressed her belief that the King's commitment to issues such as the fight against climate change, sustainability, and interfaith dialogue, as well as his dedication to the Jewish community, could serve as an excellent opportunity for continued cooperation between the two countries.

In conclusion, the ambassador mentioned that this event marks his final month in office, after four "fascinating and eventful" years, and expressed his hope for continued strong relations between the two countries.