David Bedein
David Bedeinצילום: אלירן אהרון

The icon of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, dreamed of a "normal" Jewish state,

However, the term "normalization" does not ​​exist in either law​ or diplomacy.

Nonetheless, Jews are thrilled to hear that Israel's enemies are now considering a policy of normalization.

That is because Israel's adversaries have conducted a genocidal war throughout Israel's history.

A breath of fresh air never hurts.

The Arab League of Nations, whose 1945 charter calls for liquidation of the Jews in Palestine, launched a total war in 1948 which continues to this day. The same goes for the Palestine Liberation Organization, which in 1964 also issued a charter of total annihilation of the Jews of Palestine, a covenant in force to this day.

Although Egypt and Jordan signed peace treaties with Israel, while Syria and Lebanon agreed to an armistice with the Jewish state, Saudi Arabia, kingpin of the Arab League, has never agreed to any armistice or any peace whatsoever with the Jews.

The Palestine Liberation Organization signed a peace treaty with Israel on September 13, 1993, Yet the Fatah, the leading entity of the PLO, would not ratify that agreement. Now news reports now have it that the Saudis and the PLO, operating under the nascent Palestinian Authority, are ready to normalize with the Jews.

The time has come to take Arabs at their word in their call for normalization.

What, however, would real normalization look like?

Begin with four steps:

​1. Remove PA texts and teachers who advocate war against Jews. It would fly in the face of normalization if the PA were to maintain its war curriculum against the Jews.


2. Launch an effort to resettle descendants of Arab refugees from the 1948 war who now dwell in 59 "temporary" UNRWA refugee camps under the pretense of the "right of return" to pre-1948 villages from 1948 that no longer exist, . The time has come to remove the "right of return" roadblock to normalization.


3. Repeal the unprecedented PA statute: Murder a Jew, get a salary for life.

How can there be any pretense of normalization, so long as the unprecedented incentive for murdering Jews remains on the PA law books. https://jcpa.org/paying-salaries-terrorists-contradicts-palestinian-vows-peaceful-intentions/

4. Remove PA maps which delete Israel. The PA has recently replaced the names all Jewish communities with names of Arab villages in all texts used in the schools of the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA. https://israelbehindthenews.com/2022/09/24/revealing-maps-the-palestinian-vision-as-taught-in-unrwa-schools/

Normalization would necessitate the presentation of maps in all schools which would depict all UN members of good standing, including Israel.

These four steps provide the genesis of real normalization

At this point in time, these reasonable steps are not on the agenda of normalization.

David Bedein is director of Israel Resource News Agency and heads the Center for Near East Policy Research, author of Genesis of the Palestinian Authority and Roadblock to Peace: How the UN Perpetuates the Arab-Israeli Conflict: UNRWA Policies Reconsidered..