IDU volunteer Yehuda Ariel and search dog Cobra
IDU volunteer Yehuda Ariel and search dog CobraIsrael Dog Unit Public Relations

At approximately 4:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, Israel Dog Unit (IDU) volunteer Yehuda Ariel, together with the search dog Cobra, located a woman who had disappeared in a forested area near Sderot.

Sara Tautang, aged 78, had gone missing nearly forty hours earlier and was found in a state of heat exhaustion. She was taken to hospital care for further treatment.

Yehuda told Israel National News about the moment he found Sara: “I was deep in the forest, and saw several fences. I jumped the fence, and the dog gave an indication. I jumped another fence, and then I heard her whispering, very weakly, and then I saw her.”

The IDU is a nonprofit organization specializing in search and rescue throughout Israel. The search included more than one hundred fifty volunteers, working dogs, drones, ATVs, and the IDU’s incident management software. In light of the extreme danger to Sara, the search was carried out on Shabbat.