Jews on the Temple Mount (illustrative)
Jews on the Temple Mount (illustrative)Naama Stern/Flash90

Five Jews were prevented Friday for attempting to bring the Pascal sacrifice.

Friday is "the Second Passover," a one-day holiday when those who were impure or otherwise unable to bring the Pascal sacrifice are given a second chance to do so.

The Jews were stopped at the gates of the Temple Mount and arrested by police officers who were at the scene. Four of the Jews were distanced from the scene, while one was detained for questioning.

The "Cozrim Lahar" (lit. "returning to the Mount") movement responded: "The renewal of the [fulfillment of the] Second Passover commandments teaches us that we must not despair. We, too, are not despairing, and we will continue to act until the sacrifices in the service of G-d are renewed."

"We support the heroes who agreed to give up their freedom in order to fulfill one of the most important commandments in Judaism."