Crown Heights
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The NYPD has arrested a teen assailant accused of punching a Jewish boy in face as part of a gang assault that occurred in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn in March, Hamodia reported.

The incident, in which the suspect broke the Jewish boy’s nose, occurred on March 13 at approximately 9 p.m. when two Jewish teenagers were walking near the Carroll Street and Albany Avenue intersection of the neigbhorhood.

They were followed by a gang of six teens in hoods and masks who accosted them. The gang demanded money from the victims and then assaulted them. Two of the gang punched the two victims, with one of the punches breaking the victim's nose, according to the news outlet.

The NYPD 71st precinct and Shomrim attended the scene and used surveillance footage to identify the suspects. Three members of the gang have been arrested and charged with attempted robbery and gang assault.

Crown Heights Shomrim said in a tweet on Wednesday that a fourth suspect is now in custody. They believe he is the assailant who broke the victim’s nose with a punch.

"A fourth arrest has been affected in the brutal assault that took place at Carroll and Albany on 3/13/23," Crown Heights Shomrim said. "This is the most significant arrest, as this is the perp that broke the victim's nose. Great teamwork by Shomrim, and NYPD 71 Precinct Detectives and community affairs unit."