Itamar Ben Gvir
Itamar Ben GvirArie Leib Abrams/Flash 90

“The Galilee Forces – The Lone Wolves”, a terrorist organization which operates under the inspiration of Hezbollah, on Tuesday identified National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir as a key target for assassination in response to the death of terrorist prisoner Khader Adnan, a member of the Islamic Jihad, after holding a hunger strike of nearly 90 days.

On its official Telegram account, the organization published a photo of Ben Gvir’s head with a rifle drawn on it and wrote, "Wanted for involvement in the murder of Khader Adnan."

Earlier, the organization claimed responsibility for two shooting attacks during the day against the Huwara checkpoint and the town of Nahliel and for firing rockets towards Israel from the Gaza Strip in response to Adnan's death.

At the same time, the organization published a video in which it calls on Palestinian Arabs to murder Jews in stabbing, shooting and ramming attacks, as well as a guide to carrying out such attacks in the most efficient way to cause the victim's immediate death.

Adnan, who had been arrested by Israeli security forces several times in recent years, was arrested for the 13th time on February 5, and since then had been on hunger strike for 86 days when he was found dead in his jail cell early Tuesday morning.

He was suspected of membership in a terrorist organization, of supporting terrorism and incitement, and refused to undergo medical examinations or receive medical treatment while in prison.

The Islamic Jihad has previously threatened that if Adnan dies, the organization will see it as an elimination on the part of Israel.

Adnan has been in and out of Israeli prisons for years, and has gone on hunger strike several times in the past. One such time was in 2012, when he was released from prison after a 66-day hunger strike.

In 2015, Adnan again managed to obtain his release from detention after a prolonged 56-day hunger strike. In the last few days, it was reported that his health has deteriorated during his latest hunger strike and there is a threat to his life.