King Charles visits Yorkshire
King Charles visits YorkshireREUTERS

A Jewish family of tailors is manufacturing thousands of uniforms that will be worn during King Charles’ coronation.

The Kashkets’ factory in Tottenham, Kashket & Partners, is the main manufacturer of uniforms for the British military and also has a history with the royal family, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

Russell Kashket designed the uniform that Prince William wore at his wedding.

The family will be featured in a BBC documentary, “Coronation Tailors: Fit for a King.” The special will give an inside look at the factory where the family’s tailors are making clothing for King Charles as well as 6,000 uniforms for the coronation.

The family dates its background in clothing back to Alfred Kashket, who was a hat maker to Tsar Nicholas II in Russia, who left the country after the communist takeover. He then began working in London on military uniforms.

Alfred’s son Bernard, 87, who is now semi-retired, took over the company from him.

Every uniform for the coronation has 23 different elements that involved 34 hours of labor. The company also created 60 casts of different shapes for the crests to be worn at the coronation.

“We’ve got our day-to-day business going on too but obviously the coronation takes priority over everything else,” Cheryl ,wife of CEO Russell Kashket, told the Chronicle.

“There is nothing more important than what is going on. It is very exciting and we realize how fortunate we are to be a part of history.”