Meir Porush
Meir PorushHezki Baruch

Jerusalem Minister Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism) harshly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Speaking in an interview to Kikar Hashabbat, Porush said, "We want the Draft Law before the budget and the Override Clause with 61 [MKs]. If Netanyahu cannot do this - let him go home. For what purpose did I lend a hand to the creation of such a government? If he is afraid - let him say that he cannot be prime minister here."

Porush continued, "I do not understand Netanyahu. How much does he want to look ridiculous? When it comes to the education budget - they swore [it] to us, Netanyahu justified us before the elections, he said that everything is fine - suddenly he is prime minister and it doesn't exist, his promise to make the [education] budgets equal."

Fuming, he demanded, "For what did I lend a hand to the formation of such a government? So that I could hear the excuses of the Finance Ministry clerks, that they said during the period of [former Prime Ministers Naftali] Bennett and [Yair] Lapid? For what did we hold elections?"

Regarding the Override Clause, Porush said, "I have a signed agreement with Netanyahu regarding the Override Clause, okay? I have such an agreement. The rabbis told us that without this - it was not worth anything, we asked more than once. There is no such thing as it not happening, that would be ridiculous. Who will sign an agreement in the future if this is not kept? Netanyahu cannot tell me that 'he can't.' You can't? Then don't be prime minister. What does that mean, 'can't?' Go home, what does it mean you 'can't?'"