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Two of Israel's largest bakeries, Angel and Berman, petitioned the Supreme Court in February against the Economy Ministry's decision not to raise the price of price-controlled bread in accordance with the rise of the CPI.

According to the bakeries, this decision was made despite the fact that the conditions set down in law regarding when the price can be raised have all been fulfilled. The Supreme Court responded to the petition by stating that the State must provide an update on its decision by May 23.

A source in the bakeries industry told Israel Hayom: "They are dragging us out and playing with us, despite the fact that according to the decision of the Prices Committee, the price needs to be raised. Every time, they ask for more material."

"The price needs to rise according to the calculation. We are talking about well-known and accepted numbers, which the Prices Committee went over and approved. Like I said, they keep dragging us out. At the beginning they told us that they have 30 business days before the answer, and at the ninetieth moment, on the thirtieth day, they requested more material. I don't think we need to tell anyone what this government does or doesn't do. There are broadcasts about it every single evening."

When asked why the price needed to rise, the source told Israel Hayom, "Ukraine is the largest exporter of wheat, and we can't import wheat from there. Flour has become 40% more expensive, the price of gas has risen by dozens of percentage points, and the minimum wage has risen. What they are asking does not cover the expenses. All of the other products have risen in price, only bread is 'holy' and its price cannot be raised."