Aharon Barak's legacy continues to infuence Supreme Court decisions
Aharon Barak's legacy continues to infuence Supreme Court decisionsFlash 90\ Gil Yonatan

Donny Fuchs, "Liberalism, Disease of the Mind, Sickness of the Soul" was published by The Jewish Press on Dec. 7, 2015.It goes beyond words in capturing present times, and one can only hope that its resolution will serve for all times.

" The modern Jew lusts after a new idolatry today, which temps him in the same manner that an ancient Jew might have been attracted to Baal or Moloch", commences Fuchs.

Had Matityahu seen what occurred following the aftermath of his great victories, he would have recognized the paganism of liberalism, as an extension of Hellenistic thought.

Liberalism absolutely rejects objective truth, and as such, the notion of an absolutely true Divine Covenant. Liberalism accepts multiple truths . As a consequence, it is inherently un-Jewish. Fuchs recognizes liberalism in its form of the time, to be a term in an ideology of pseudo-morality.

It reflects a detachment from the most basic components of human morality. Thus, the innocents are guilty. Predators become victims. And society eats itself. How else to explain the support many American liberals still have for "Planned Parenthood", despite the numerous videos documenting monstrous actions?

And in addition, "the modern day liberal worships at the altar of women's rights, and no horror on earth, documented or otherwise, will get in the way of his progressive thinking."

Commonplace observations on Liberal Leftist hypocrisy:

[a] Liberals profess to oppose violence, yet they consistently tolerate, perpetuate,and appease the worst perpetrators of violence in society.

[b] Liberals support policies , which harm the innocent in order to fuel a self-righteous need to understand the "humanity" of predatory humans.

[c]The fully formed innocent in the womb is robbed of life, yet serial rapists and murderers deserve rehabilitation.

[d[ Animal rights come before those of people.

[e] "Gay rights" are primary, except when Muslims hurl homosexuals from buildings.

[f] Outrageous female genital mutilations, beatings, and honor killings; practiced by Muslims worldwide are ignored. Outrage is always selective.

We can always rely on the past, when attempting to resolve crises of the present. To that end, the Jerusalem Post's published, "Restoring Israel's Democracy "by David Kirshenbaum on October 1, 2017, serves admirably. The author is an attorney in Israel and America.

His paper clearly demonstrates that in a true democracy , power and authority are granted by the consent of the governed. "They cannot simply be seized - not even by sophisticated judges in dignified robes." He continues, by referencing, "A slew of recent [2017] rulings by the Supreme Court, invalidating government and Knesset actions, which highlight ,in dramatic fashion, the abusive and outsized power seized by the court, at the expense of the country's elected representatives

In all this, there is disturbing irony. While one of the mandates of the Supreme court, sitting as High Court of Justice, was to order state officials to refrain from taking actions beyond the scope of their opportunity. It was former Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak, who engaged in probably the most improper and far reaching power heist in the history of the state. "The consequences of that illegitimate power grab, are reverberating today. [2017]".

Irony? While one of the mandates of the Supreme Court, sitting as High Court of Justice, is to order state officials to refrain from taking action that is beyond the scope of their authority, it was former Supreme Court chief justice Aharon Barak, who engaged in probably the most important and proper and far-reaching power heist in the history of the state. The consequences of that illegitimate power grab are reverberating today. [2017].

"The healthy balance of power, so important to a properly functioning democracy was fundamentally undermined by Barak, who persuaded a generation of Israelis that Israel not only has a constitution , but one that also grants the court the power to strike down Knesset legislation in all facets of life. The invalidation of a consequential number of government and Knesset acts, and regular warnings that contemplated legislation cannot move forward on account of 'constitutional defects' transfers rule-making from the elected representatives of the people to judges chosen by a small committee. And sitting on this committee are Supreme Court members who, effectively, can veto any new appointee not to their liking

"This dangerous trans formation of Israel's democracy is based upon a fiction. Israel does not have a constitution Israel's 'constitution', no matter how enthusiastically celebrated and cited by its proponents and advocates, is no more real than the emperor's new clothes."

David Kirshenbaum then proceeds by explaining how the US created its constitution as did many other countries. His final words speaks volumes. "Barak and his successors have used their self-created constitution to set in place a system that, time and again has substituted the judgment of the unelected judiciary, whom Barak has suggested are the 'enlightened' members of society, for that of the elected branches of government.

"In a true democracy, power and authority are granted by the consent of the governed. They cannot simply be seized - not even by sophisticated "judges in dignified robes."

Back to the Winter of 1998, Azure published Evelyn Gordon's " Is it Legitimate to Criticize the Supreme Court?"

A few select paragraphs:

"The Jewish State could use a debate on judicial activism---right now. Why there isn't one."

"Aharon Barak is the driving force behind the sophisticated battle being waged against the Jewish viewpoint in Israel. We must not disperse the shells. We must throw down the gauntlet and oppose him frontally, and show him as he is ---as someone implementing a 'judicial revolution,' as a threat to the citizen's right to shape the country in which he lives."

"He [Barak]should be portrayed in his true arrogance, as a danger to the character of Israeli democracy, as a threat to the citizen's power to decide for himself how his country should be run."

Moving forward to Aug.15,2013 and Arutz7's posting of Professor Paul Eidelberg's "Israeli Democracy":

"It is no wonder that so many citizens feel powerless to affect government actions such as preventing the freeing of terrorists or capitulation to Obama-Abbas."

"For most people, the mere fact that Israel has periodic, multiparty elections convinces them that Israel is a democracy. This is naïve. Democratic elections do not necessarily render the government of a country accountable to the governed, and without accountability, there is no genuine democracy."

"To this add Israel's Supreme Court, a self-perpetuating oligarchy whose rulings often violate the abiding beliefs of a large majority of Israel's population. Israel's popularly elected Knesset is excluded from the nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court judges, whose appointment is very much controlled by the Court's Chief Justice." Analysis of its decision-making institutions reveals that Israel does not have a government of the people, and by the people. What we see in Israel is a polymorphous society run by a profusion of party elites, virtually indifferent to public opinion between elections. "

According to recent news releases, there is some discussion about creating a Constitution for Israel. Apparently, the media in its slumber does not have an awareness of Professor Eidelberg's "A Jewish Democratic Constitution for Israel" which appears as Chapter 10 in his book, "Jewish Statesmanship, Lest Israel Fall."

By using this item as draft towards a final product, much time could be served.

Further, one reads an Arutz 7 headline, "Likud MK at Netanya protest: The Left Betrayed The State of Israel: MK Talli Gotliv Calls for firing of Attorney- General, accuses Ehud Barak of Sedition and says that he should be put in Prison."

In the Opposition to Netanyahu's government, Leftist Liberalism is the order of the day. One is given to believe that a significant number of the belligerents have never made a serious study of a Constitution or the proposed. Judicial Reform.