Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Yuli Edelstein met this evening via video conference with his counterparts in the 3B Forum of Baltic States.

During the conversation, the representatives discussed the strategic importance of military and intelligence cooperation between the nations amid the many challenges they face.

It was decided during the meeting to establish a joint forum of foreign affairs and defense committee chairs from Israel and the Baltic states. Edelstein was also asked by the heads of the forum to mediate between them and NATO.

At the meeting's conclusion, the option of a joint visit and working tour of Israel was suggested.

"Normalization with Saudi Arabia is still an option. Saudi Arabia's closeness with China and Iran does not come out of great love, and the Saudi, American, and Israeli interests still overlap," Edelstein stated.

He added: "Every terrorist incident or attack on Israel, in its territory or out, has Iran's fingerprints on it. I'm not saying this out of a guess but rather from actual knowledge, and therefore the states must work to classify the IRGC as a terror organization."