Mordechai Gidon at the scene of the attack
Mordechai Gidon at the scene of the attackCourtesy

Mordechai Gidon, who was moderately injured in the shooting attack on Memorial Day at the British Police Junction north of Ofra in the Binyamin region returned today for the first time to the scene of the attack and made a blessing for the miracle he had experienced.

Mordechai commented to those who accompanied him to the scene: "To my dear family. 4 days ago a terrorist tried to kill me at this spot, with Gods help he did not succeed. From this point on he we be living in fear of being caught and I will go on living life a free man."

The attack took place a very short distance from the Benjamin Regional Council's Memorial Day ceremony, which was attended by hundreds of people and was held at Beit Yad Labanim, which is near the junction. The terrorist opened fire at a group of runners during a run in memory of the fallen. IDF forces began a pursuit of the terrorist and deployed roadblocks in the area.

Prof. Yoram Weil, the director of the orthopedic trauma unit at Hadassah Ein Kerem who operated on Gidon, reported that during the orthopedic surgery the doctors treated a crushed fracture of one of the bones of the forearm with minimally invasive surgery.

"I believe that we achieved a good stabilization of the fracture that will allow a full recovery and a return to full function of the hand in the future. Mordechai is recovering from the operation and his condition is good," Professor Weil said.