In this video, we delve into Parshat Acharei Mot, which famously discusses the holiest day in Judaism - Yom Kippur - and the role of the Kohen Gadol on that day.

As we examine the Psukim, two crucial questions emerge.

Firstly, why does the Torah discuss Yom Kippur specifically in this Parsha, and not in relation to any of the other Chagim?

Moreover, why does the Torah launch into the details of the Kohen Gadol's tasks on this day without first announcing that it is Yom Kippur?

Only towards the end of the Parsha does the Torah explicitly mention the significance of the day!

These questions prompt us to consider the true meaning and significance of Yom Kippur - and the heart of Judaism - what we call 'Avodat Hashem'!