Chief of Staff Halevi and General Kurilla
Chief of Staff Halevi and General KurillaIDF Spokesperson's Unit

The Commander of US Central Command (CENTCOM), General Michael E. Kurilla, visited the IDF on Thursday.

The focus of General Kurilla’s visit was the continued cooperation and the strengthening of relations between the IDF and CENTCOM forces on land and in the aerial and Maritime arenas.

The visit is a direct continuation of the operational activity and exercises that were recently conducted by the two militaries, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.

On Thursday, General Kurilla visited the Israeli Navy’s naval commando unit, Flotilla 13 ("Shayetet 13"), as guest of the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi.

During the visit, General Kurilla received a debrief from the Commanding Officer of Flotilla 13, Capt. A., regarding the unit's extensive operational activity in various arenas. The joint activity of the Israeli Navy and its counterparts from the US Armed Forces (The United States Navy SEALs) was also presented and includes a diverse range of training and exercises, knowledge exchange and additional activities.

In addition, an intelligence-operational situational assessment was conducted and a discussion regarding cooperation between the militaries was led by the Chief of the General Staff and the Commander of USCENTCOM, with the participation of members of the General Staff.

At the end of the visit, a meeting was held between LTG Halevi and General Kurilla, during which the two discussed the continued expansion of the cooperation and sharing of operational capabilities between the two militaries.

In the coming weeks, official discussions will be held between the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, MG Amir Baram, and the Deputy Commander of USCENTCOM, Lt. Gen. Gregory M. Guillot, with the participation of additional military officials to continue shared operational planning between the militaries.

The US and the State of Israel maintain a strong military-to-military relationship as key partners committed to one another and to maintaining peace and security in the Middle East.

Chief of Staff Halevi said, “We are actively following the changes in the region, with an emphasis on the increase in Iranian hostility and terror activity. Precisely in this sensitive time period, there is great importance in the close relationship between the IDF and the US Armed Forces, we will continue the cooperation and the common commitment to the security in the Middle East.”

General Kurilla stated, “As with every visit to the IDF, I was thoroughly impressed by the combat readiness I saw here. Our military-to-military relationship with Israel remains ironclad.”