Yated Ne'eman
Yated Ne'emanFlash 90

An editorial in the haredi Yated Ne'eman newspaper slammed the planned million-person protest, which is scheduled to take place in Jerusalem on Thursday, in support of the judicial reform.

Yated Ne'eman is associated with the United Torah Judaism party's Lithuanian-haredi Degel Hatorah faction.

"We obviously go with the right, by instruction of our rabbis, but we do not belong and we do not join the mutual battle," the editorial read. "We are in favor of the judicial reform and against the liberal terror's takeover of the people's lives through dictatorship."

Turning his attention to the planned protest and haredim who participate in such protests, the author continued, "But one who is haredi will not set foot there, even if we cooperate, it is out of a knowledge that yes, the two of us can walk together - but not because we were meant to. One who goes to right-wing protests is not counted among our community, he is not one of us, period. He has been stripped of citizenship in the house of G-d. His passport has expired."

"We must not allow those like him to sow an evil wind of confusion amongst us. Otherwise, G-d forbid, we may reap a storm."