Germany's Bundestag
Germany's BundestagiStock

An MP from Germany’s right-wing populist AfD party has resigned after it was revealed that several antisemitic social media posts had been made on her Telegram channel.

AfD parliamentary leader Nikolaus Kramer announced that Eva-Maria Schneider-Gärtner was leaving the party, which has the fifth most seats in the Bundestag, in a surprise announcement on Tuesday, NDR reported.

She was said to have left the party in order to limit the damage the scandal could do, with AfD already having a reputation for being extreme right-wing and criticized recently for a motion banning kosher slaughter, which German antisemitism monitor Felix Klein described as a “fundamental attack on Jewish life.”

Schneider-Gärtner resigned during a private party meeting, Kramer told NDR.

The posts are also being looked into by the Interior Ministry and the State Security Department of the State Criminal Police Office, Bild reported.