Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of the Wars of Israel and Victims of Actions of Terrorism was marked in Bnei Brak on Monday evening with an event in memory of 413 fallen from the city. The memorial event was attended by bereaved families, Bnei Brak Mayor Avraham Rubinstein, rabbis, public figures and many residents.

Among those present at the ceremony was toddler Ariel Yehezkel, who survived the attack in Bnei Brak about a year ago. His father, Avishai, was murdered in the attack as he was protecting his son with his body.

Telling the story of young Ariel, Mayor Rubinstein noted, "Ariel Yehezkel is celebrating his third birthday today – Upsherin (haircutting ceremony for a haredi boy when he turns three -ed.) without a father."

At the conclusion of the ceremony, those present stood up for the singing of Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah.

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