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It was July 8, 1951 when in support of the Palestinian Arabs Mohammed Mosaddeq doggedly shut down the consulate of Iran in Israel. He was a spreader of an irrelevant animosity toward Israel. It was against the late Shah’s views. Most of the 1979 partners of Khomeini and fans of Mosaddeq paved the way to exacerbating ideological hostility between Israel and Iran.

In fact when Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani published his book regarding the Palestinian Arab issue, Mosaddeq endorsed a check to support the book.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a royal friend of Jews and an honest ally of Israel. He supported the years of cooperative relations between these two states, before the revolt of the-Islamic terrorists and Marxists. The multi-dimensional cooperation with Israel during the Shah’s time was based on common geopolitical interests in the Middle East facing the dangers of Nasserite Pan-Arabism and Soviet communism. The late Shah tried all his best to be a peace maker in the Arab Israeli war. Iran was a strategic ally and a non-Arab state for the Jewish land to maintain friendly relations with, and Israel embraced relations with Iran more openly after 1956.

The Shah on no occasion formally acknowledged Israel. Iran de facto recognized the State of Israel in March 1950. Iran was the second Muslim-majority country (after Turkey) to give Israel de facto recognition which led to 18 years terrorist operations of Marxist-Islamic groups in Iran who helped Khomeini in 1979.

In actuality, the followers of Mosaddeq and Khomeini created a socio-political movement against Israel in Iran. Bizarrely, the members of the Freedom Movement of Iran (FMI) of Liberation Movement of Iran had trained in Egypt during the rule of Gamal Abdel Nasser for terrorist operations. Khomeini was like an agent of Gamal Abdel Naser and was helped by the Muslim Brotherhood in weakening the Shah, and there were justified complaints against his rule, but instead of critics working to effect change, they replaced him with a cruel theocratic government of Muslim extremists.

Some of the terrorist groups in Iran, such as MEK had a relation with the terrorist camps of Palestinian Arabs in Lebanon and Al Fatah. Likewise, one of the terrorist groups inside Iran was Palestinian Arabs who were eliminated by SAVAK. Additionally, Pooyan , one of the leaders of The Organization of Iranian People’s Fedai Guerrillas (OIPFG) published his notes regarding the necessity of a military operation with an Introduction by George Habash from PFLP.

Before 1979, Iran was the “jewel in the crown of the alliance of the periphery” until the revolt of 1979 and the emergence of mullah’s theocracy in Iran.

One of the main points in the relation between Iran and Israel was a formal intelligence alliance between the Mossad and SAVAK in 1958. During those years of the Cold War, both of these intelligence organizations continued to expand their relations with the CIA. The Shah continued to deepen relations with the Jewish state and consolidated Iran’s position as a major regional power as well.

Alas, in that crucial moment, the CIA had no clue regarding the emergence of Islamic fundamentalism in Iran, but Mossad understood the role of the USSR in supporting the Marxist-Islamic groups. After 1979, the Persian Gulf’s Arab regimes, grasped the picture of the Khomeinist regime, but it was too late. The malicious mullahs painted Israel as a threat to the Arab world and ramped up rhetoric against the Jewish State in public, but secretly they purchased arms and weapons for war.

During this period, the destructive ideology of Khomeinism was based on antisemitism and enmity with Israel. Increasingly, MOIS and IRGC and Quds Force supported the terrorist groups and proxies against Israel. The current Iranian regime is a threat and central security challenge for Israel. Also, the Israeli- Palestinian conflict was an essence the ideology of the 1979’s groups who participated in shaping the Iranian revolt.

Nowadays, with the tensions in the region, the isolated regime of the cowardly mullahs routinely threatens Israel.

The Crown Prince of Iran changed the political theatre in Iran and in its diaspora. Pictures show the prayers of Reza Pahlavi for peace at the Western Wall. This goodwill gesture harmed the anti-Israel campaign for public opinion in Iran.

From the first hours of this visit the mullah’s propaganda machine and its lobbies outside Iran tried to devalue the role of Pahlavi. If truth be told, this voyage exposed the real face of the so-called political figures in the Persian theatre.

The Crown Prince calls for ‘renewing historical bonds and rebuilding ties between two nations, but the political dwarfs in Iran idiotically orchestrated propaganda for Palestinian Arabs..

In reality, the public of Iran loves Israel and Shahzadeh delivered a message of friendship from the Iranian people who wish to pay respect to the victims of the Holocaust.

The future of Iran will be friendship with Israel and other states on the globe. Just imagine for a second that there are no terrosrist loving mullahs in Iran and no Islamic terrorism in the region because there is be no enemy nation which threatens to annihilate Israel.

Israel and Iran can have a prosperous future, "from the children of Great Cyrus to the children of Israel, we will build this future together in friendship’ said Reza Pahlavi momentously.

Reza Pahlevi and Erfan Fard
Reza Pahlevi and Erfan FardErfan Fard

n contrast to the photo above and to the intelligent approach of Reza Pahlavi, some of the self-titled "opposition" who were introduced by pro-regime reformist lobbies hesitated to have an interview with an Israeli Journalist. One of the vengeful separatist figures who was a puppet of Saddam Hussein angrily criticized the journey. This figure visited the "occupied" territories, so why he should meet a radical figure like Netanyahu”. This outrageous interview was broadcasted by the Iranian regime media after a couple of minutes.

Now, what forgiveness with such policiies? The current rulers love the Israeli internal riots and wish for aggressive approaches, not peace and stability. The mullah’s mafia regime has numerous puppets of that ile who fuel antisemitism and anti- Israel propaganda.

The Islamic Republic has brought Iranians 44 years of war, conflict, violence and misery. Reza Pahlavi is showing Iranians there is another way. Peaceful coexistence with the world.

Erfan Fardis a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and ethnic conflicts in MENA. He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA). Erfan is a Jewish Kurd of Iran, and he is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. / Follow him from this twitter account @EQFARD / The newly published book of Erfan Fard is: “The gruesome mullah” , which has been published in the USA. His website is