May Golan
May GolanArie Leib Abrams/Flash 90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to convince MK May Golan of his Likud Party to be appointed to the position of Israeli consul general in New York, in place of Asaf Zamir, Channel 12 News reported on Wednesday.

Golan's appointment to the position of Minister for the Advancement of Women's Status was not brought for a vote before the Knesset.

According to the report, Netanyahu is interested in breaking up the camp of Minister Yariv Levin's associates within the Likud, with the understanding that he will not be able to meet all of his demands in the future.

Likud confirmed that Golan was indeed offered a position in New York. "The offer made to Minister Golan to serve as consul general in New York is due to her excellent communication skills in English."

"Contrary to the publication, this has nothing to do with Minister Levin. There is no one the Prime Minister values and trusts more [than Levin]," the party said.

The position of Israeli consul general in New York became vacant when Zamir resigned from the post in protest over the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

Zamir, who had been appointed to the role by the previous Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, had previously warned US Jewish donors against the Israeli government’s planned judicial reform.

Following those comments, Zamir was summoned by the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.