Lag Ba'omer in Meron
Lag Ba'omer in MeronArutz Sheva

The Department for the Investigation of Police Officers has announced that a policeman who hit a Jewish man at Meron last Lag Ba'omer will stand trial, Kol Hai Radio reported.

The victim, Gershon Steinklor of Zikhron Ya'akov, had been waiting to pass through a checkpoint on his way up the mountain towards the gravesite of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

When he asked one of the officers at the scene to avoid pushing the waiting visitors and to allow them to ascend the mountain, the officer responded by hitting him and knocking him to the ground.

According to the report, a district commander passing by the scene noticed what had happened and suggested that Steinklor submit a complaint to the Department, which opened an investigation and decided to try the officer.

Meanwhile, in accordance with the decision of Yossi Deitsch, who is coordinating this year's Lag Ba'omer event at Meron, the stewards this year in Meron will be haredim, and not police officers.