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The principal of a high school in Drammen, Norway, did not want Muslim students to leave the classroom to pray during Ramadan. She apologized when several of them reacted violently and now she is threatened with death. Hanne Merete Hagby is the principal of the high school, which has 30 percent Muslim students. "It's not okay to leave class or be late because of it," she wrote. She deleted the post after two hours.

An appointment to "lynch" the principal is published on the social network. The police had to be there to protect her.

Welcome to the Europe of tomorrow!

Imagine schools that are 50-80 percent Muslim, such as those in many districts in Oslo, Marseille, Paris, Birmingham, Cologne, Hamburg, Malmö, Vienna, Rotterdam, Brussels. Should they close during Ramadan because students think they should be in prayer rooms instead of classrooms?

It is Aftenposten - the first Norwegian newspaper which for decades has promoted generous and non-critical views on immigration - that decided to publish a report that contradicts what they themselves and their "experts" have claimed would happen. Journalists visited Kuben High School, where 76 percent of students have a mother tongue other than Norwegian. At Bjørnholt VGS, the figure is 92 percent. “In 50 primary schools in Oslo, more than 50 percent of pupils have a mother tongue other than Norwegian.”

Let's change country. Same story.

A teacher at a Catholic high school in Angers, France, has been indicted by the prosecution for "inciting racial or religious discrimination," reports Le Parisien. What did he do? During a lesson in this Catholic school, the professor said that "Catholic schools should continue to teach students of the Catholic faith" and that "France is a Catholic country". The teacher, contacted by Le Monde, explained: "I teach law and the history of law which has a lot to do with Catholicism and Christianity. A student told me that in France there is no religion, but that there is only I reminded him that we are in a Catholic school, that once in my place priests and nuns taught and that the students were Catholics”. The principal recalls that "20 percent of our students are Muslims," and he observes, you need to show respect! The professor declares that he is afraid of being "the next Samuel Paty".

It is not surprising that the high schools of Nantes, in France, organize visits to the local mosques.

When the Evian brand published a seemingly banal message, “retweet if you have already had a liter of Evian today”, the ad unleashed a real hate campaign for the Danone subsidiary. Evian is accused of racism. Thus, the brand has decided to apologize. Why? The advertisement coincided with Ramadan, when the obligation to fast is in force.

Speaking to the Journal du dimanche, former head of France's internal secret service (DGSE) Pierre Brochand this week says: "Multi-religious societies are all bound to tear each other apart. It's a difficult world, where no one does anyone any favors. The nation is a circle of trust that immigration undermines. The keystone of social trust is the welfare state, which is incompatible with the free movement of people".

Bronchand says the problem is not immigration itself, but Islamic immigration. “The first wave of migration lasted a century with the arrival of immigrants of Euro-Christian origin, discreet, industrious, grateful, regulated by the economy and who were trying to assimilate. The unsurpassed model of successful fusion. The second started in the 1970s and has only increased. It is a settlement that is not calibrated by either work or politics. Only by individual rights subject only to supranational law. A freewheeling flow that overwhelms us. The cultural gap that separates us from these newcomers has no equivalent in our history. They all come from the Third World, from societies in crisis where what reigns is uncivilized behavior, violence and corruption. Most are Muslims. Today there are 25 times more Muslims in France than in the 1960s. Islam is a total civilization, proud, warlike, offensive, militant, which has suffered from being humiliated by the West for two centuries. Globalization has given him an opportunity, the volcano has awakened”.

Europe is Pompei.