A California elementary school was vandalized with threatening antisemitic and racist graffiti last week that included several swastikas, racial slurs, graphic images and death threats directed at three students.

The vandalism at Hamilton Elementary School in Anza was spray painted on the school and the street in front of the building during spring break, KTLA reported.

The Hemet Unified School District said in a statement that the vandalism was discovered last Tuesday. School officials were notified on Wednesday and immediately contacted the police. The graffiti was removed on Wednesday and Thursday.

A source told the news outlet he was concerned that school officials had attempted to cover up the vandalism by removing the graffiti before police could investigate.

“The most concerning thing to me is that there were three specific students named out and then underneath their names, it said, ‘Y’all f—ing die.’ And the fact that there was no message sent out to any of the parents or staff members at all and there’s no police presence today…within the community up here, there’s known supremacist groups up here,” he said.

The school has provided the sheriff’s office with surveillance camera footage and images of the vandalism.

Hemet Unified School District said in a statement: “The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has published an accurate press release detailing the timeline of events following the vandalism that occurred last week on the evening of Tuesday, April 4. Additionally, they are reporting that an arrest has been made in connection with the crime.”

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies were dispatched to the school on April 5 to investigate the graffiti. They added that the claim that the school had attempted to cover up the incident was false.

“Deputies obtained photographs depicting the graffiti from school administrators, who discovered the writings when they arrived at work," they said. "After picture and video evidence was collected, cleanup efforts were promptly initiated due to the graphic nature of the graffiti that was visible to the public.”

Hemet Unified said in a separate statement: “An active investigation is underway by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and any specific threats will be handled by law enforcement.”

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