Lag b'Omer in Meron (archive)
Lag b'Omer in Meron (archive)Adi Gefen/TPS

A hotline has been opened for the events of Lag b'Omer in Meron on the yahrtzeit (hilula) of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, which falls this year on the evening of May 8 and the day of May 9.

The outline for this year's events has now been completed under the direction of Minister for Jerusalem and Heritage Meir Porush, following the recommendations of the commission of inquiry into the Meron disaster two years ago in which 45 people lost their lives. The director of this year's events is Yossi Deitsch, former deputy mayor of Jerusalem.

According to decades-long custom, the Admor of Boyan will light the main bonfire of the evening. All other bonfires must be approved in advance and will be allocated a space on the hillside.

The hotline operates in both Hebrew and Yiddish; the number to call is: 03-566-1111.