A young Jewish couple had a narrow escape after Palestinian-Arabs attempted to ambush them on Highway 60 near Karmei Tzur, north of Hebron.

Amichai and Nitsan Baron were driving home last Tuesday along Highway 60 through the Judean Hills at three o'clock in the early hours of the morning when they encountered a barricade of stones on the road. "We were on our way home in the middle of the night and on the road, there was a heap of rocks," Amichai related, speaking to Josh Breiner of Haaretz. "I tailed a Palestinian car whose driver had also seen the rocks and swerved, but I didn't make it and ended up hitting the rocks."

It was then that a number of Palestinian-Arab youths materialized and started to throw rocks and stones at the Barons' car. "M," a local Arab whose home overlooks the site of the incident, happened to notice what was transpiring and went outside to call to the Barons to seek refuge in his home.

"At first, we were scared to go into his house but then we realized that he genuinely wanted to help us," Amichai said. "I don't want to think about what might have happened otherwise, if he hadn't been there for us."

The Barons alerted security forces to the incident and a number of soldiers soon arrived to escort them in a military vehicle from M's home to their home in Karmei Tzur, leaving their own vehicle behind. The next morning, they returned to pick it up, finding that it had been smashed up with rocks and set alight.

As for M, his "reward" was to have his home stoned by PA-Arab youths.