Amichai Eliyahu
Amichai EliyahuIsrael National News

Minister of Heritage Amichai Eliyahu (Otzma Yehudit) tweeted on Sunday that "senior defense officials are working in rebellion mode," and that disturbs the government's efforts to care for security.

Rabbi Eliyahu wrote the remarks as a comment to a Twitter user who attacked him, "If the day comes when I feel I can't - I promise I'll step down. I believe that we must improve our stance and attack again. Of course, where there's room to fix something, we must fix it. The state can not be held captive by the Oslo (accord) officers."

Minister Eliyahu, who called to repeal the Oslo Accords, said that it would only happen "when the right-wing and faithful public put on the royal clothing and reach key positions, and won't allow a non-democratic group to take democracy hostage."

According to him, "We are in the midst of a fight for our liberty and independence from all of the foreign bodies that are trying to design the character of the state of Israel to their form. Despite the challenge, I'm optimistic."

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid responded to Minister Eliyahu's statement, "A Minister in the government who accuses the leaders of the defense establishment of treason must either prove it or leave his position that day. We have no other IDF, the incitement against the defense establishment is out of control."